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$ 25,612.80


Get rich, dynamic sound with the sleek XF-48 from Klipsch®. This slim, decor-friendly speaker takes advantage of advanced technology that dramatically reduces cabinet size without compromising sound quality. In fact, this speaker won the Design and Engineering Award from innovations 2008 Consumer Electronics Show. It features two rugged fiberglass woofers and two passive radiators for articulate, well-defined bass, plus a horn-loaded tweeter for clear highs. It also sports an eye-catching black-grain aluminum cabinet with high-gloss black accents, making it a beautiful match with today's flat-panel TVs.

powered You'll enjoy world-class performance with the XF-48, thanks to its built-in amplifiers. Klipsch developed two powerful amplifiers exclusively for the XF-48, tailor-made for its drivers and cabinet. The end result is clean, detailed sound with deep bass that belies the speaker's slim design. Speaker-level and line-level inputs let you connect the XF-48 to any receiver or preamp. You can even connect a pair of these speakers directly to your TV's audio outputs, for better TV sound without a lot of extra equipment in your room.

Speaker technology for immersive sound
Klipsch equipped the XF-48 with the latest generation of their horn-loaded tweeter. A flared opening in the cabinet projects high frequencies towards your listening area and prevents sound waves from simply spilling out in all directions. It's the same principle that makes your voice easier to hear when you cup your hands around your mouth. This speaker design brings out detail in everything you listen to, while reducing reflections that can color the sound. The horn also improves dynamics and efficiency, for powerful "front row" sound that stays clear at all volume levels.PZA. more features