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large scale services

Today's business and leisure travelers demand more from their hotel hosts, no matter where they are in the world. Good quality service, establishment and range of facilities is a prerequisite which is further driving hoteliers to reassess their resources and discover new ways to accommodate, entertain and retain their guests. Rocketerias has designed a portfolio of tailor-made audiovisual solutions for the hotel sector that is aimed at improving the stay. Ours are solutions that offer communication technologies from the conference room to the guest room, dynamic display and audio solutions for bars, restaurants, gyms and other integrated communal areas.


Make your guests feel surprised with the best audiovisual and multimedia equipment, from the hotel entrance, common areas to the rooms.


Patients and their families will feel comfortable with the audiovisual environment of the place.


Customers will feel pampered with the music, aromas and visual images.

"Your wholesale partner with the best advice on residential and commercial projects"

We make our products and services available to you

Projects, supply and installation of equipment for:


  • Indoor or outdoor speakers
  • amplifiers
  • media playback
  • Control one or several zones


  • display
  • Signage, menus and promotions
  • led screens
  • video wall
  • interactive kiosks
  • video mapping


  • Indoor and outdoor Led lamps
  • dimming control

Musical content, video and aromas

  • music by styles
  • music videos by style
  • promotional
  • Menus under design
  • custom scents
  • Mood Media Platform
  • Permissions included somexfon

Voice, data, networks

  • Everything from the communication site
  • Wi-Fi network

Access control

  • for doors
  • sites
  • restricted areas

Closed circuit

  • IP security circuit
  • digital cameras
  • cameras with nvr or dvr

Acoustic conditioning

  • Panels for corridors of rooms
  • Panels and modules for restaurants and consumer areas
  • Graphic paintings or lithographs for rooms and restaurants
  • Acoustic kit for sealing doors and wall coverings, applied in nightclubs, theaters and convention centers.

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