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$ 731.53
The WTR24 is a 100 volt line transformer for impedance matching between low impedance loudspeakers (8 ohms) and 100 volt amplifiers. Using the WTR24 line transformer, the low impedance loudspeakers can be applied to any 100 volt PA system where long cables can be used. The WTR24 has a maximum power output of 24 Watt and different power draws for 24 Watt, 12 Watt and 6 Watt. The housing is designed to be waterproof and dustproof, while allowing it to be concealed anywhere, such as above drop ceilings, in wall junction boxes, in voids within walls,... The primary connection (100 side V) is made using a specially designed waterproof AWX 5 connector whereby the desired outlet can be selected depending on the rotation of the connector. The secondary connection (8 Ohm side) is made through a waterproof cable gland. A connection cable with a length of 0.5 meters is provided on both sides of the transformer. The oversized core of the transformer keeps clipping to a minimum and provides a noticeable improvement in sound reproduction, especially in the low-frequency range. All of these features make these transformers meet an ingress protection rating of IP66..PZA More Features