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$ 816.36
The UHDP PRO is a professional grade UHD HDMI cable from Tributaries. Designed to provide stable 18 Gbps throughput, the PRO has 2 different constructions. Shorter lengths are built with a smaller gauge which produces a more flexible cable, while longer lengths require heavier gauge conductors to support the 18 Gbps signal over distance. Both constructions are hybrid in nature; consisting of a base conductor size and a larger conductor to support the most demanding part of the HDMI signal. Each gauge of conductor was measured and chosen for its specific job and performance requirement; being careful not to over build which would only result in large inflexible cables. The ½ meter to 3 meter UHDP cables have a stylish woven jacket, while the 4 and 5 meter cables have a rugged UL-listed jacket for wall mounting. All UHDP cables have proprietary power grip connectors to ensure the connector stays in your electronics and are shielded with copper to prevent noise from contaminating the signal. Tributaries' UHDP PRO HDMI cables deliver accurate 4K digital transmission at 18 Gbps with Deep Color and High Dynamic Range (HDR)..PZA MORE SPECS