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$ 10,904.00
OSD Nero Stream XD2 400W App Control Power Amplifier, 2-Channel Class D, Built-in DAC, Bluetooth WiFi, USB RCA Inputs, Mounting Bracket.[App Control] Supports wireless streaming via Bluetooth, Airplay and Wi-Fi. Fi and ready access to Spotify, Tidal, Alexa, Chromecast and other services via the free OSD Player app [Great Sound Goes Wireless] An app-controlled, high-fidelity integrated power amplifier that combines component-grade sound quality with the convenience of wireless streaming Room-filling sound: Transfer the DAC into portable devices to experience high-end sound quality through existing speakers, including mounting brackets. Supports multiple sources: Features an RCA analog and fiber-optic digital input and connects to any existing amplifier, AV receiver, or other powered systems [Easy Whole Home Audio] Interfaces with OSD audio preamps (STR1 and SRT4) Wi-Fi streaming media receivers for affordable whole home audio options. Classic meets convenience with the Nero Stream XD2, a versatile integrated wireless amplifier that opens up a new world of high-fidelity sound from Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones and tablets. A new version of OSD Audio NERO Stream XD's larger and more powerful integrated amplifier/preamp, this compact, stand-alone amplifier uses Wi-Fi and an updated version of Bluetooth (APXT) to stream sound, but also includes wired inputs (optical, headphone jack, USB and RCA) so you can stream through classic 2-channel stereo systems and your beloved tower speakers as well as devices like Google Chromecast or Amazon Alexecast a. The Nero Stream-XD2 features a 16-bit to 24-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that transfers the DAC from portable devices and dongles, so you'll hear audiophile-grade sound whether you're streaming on Spotify, Pandora or iTunes or playing music through smart speakers or jump units. The Nero Stream-XD2 also includes an IR wireless remote control with buttons to access sources, control volume levels, pause/play and forward/rewind. If you're ready to experience high-fidelity sound from digital broadcast sources, the NERO Stream-XD2 is the ideal amplifier that bridges the gap between the convenience of streaming and the classic sound of old-school PA systems. Build a multi-room audio system. The NERO Stream-XD2 can be paired with NERO Stream XD Wireless Receivers, NERO Stream WRA, and SRT 1/SRT4 Preamp to bring streaming to other areas of your home (all sold separately). The STR1/SRT4 connects to additional NERO Stream-XD2s or multi-channel amplifiers and can be controlled via the free OSD Audio Player app to stream music to other audio zones directly via your phone or tablet.PZA More Features