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$ 7,841.60
TURN UP THE BASS: A high-efficiency class-D subwoofer amplifier serves up big bass with up to 200W of 120W RMS peak power for deep, rich, distortion-free low-frequency sound effects Works with All Receivers – Compatible with older and newer equipment and includes both RCA and speaker-level outputs for greater flexibility with various home theater audio systems. ADJUSTABLE CONTROLS: Includes auto-sensing on/off, as well as phase, crossover, and volume controls to dial in the right amount of bass. EFFICIENT CLASS D TECHNOLOGY - A highly efficient Class D sub that is ideal for budget-minded users who want a feature-rich digital sub that doesn't get hot or take up a lot of space. Compact Design - Measures less than 9 inches wide and less than 10 inches deep, so it can fit almost anywhere. Optimum Speaker Design is dedicated to the design, engineering, and distribution of high-end home and commercial audio products. quality. Our products range in complexity from simple in-ceiling speakers to whole-home audio systems, all with beautiful styling and high-end sound quality. Our US-based research, development and design team is supported by a network of leading-edge acoustical, mechanical and electrical engineers. Together, we create products that combine the latest technology with ease of use for a quality sound experience. High current power The amplifiers are 4 ohm stable which doubles the output current demand and can drive two 8 ohm subwoofers wired in parallel. phase control The phase control works in a range of 0 to 180 degrees and compensates for a delay between the subwoofer and the main speakers. crossing control The advanced crossover circuit can be set in different frequency ranges (35Hz to 160Hz) and can be adjusted with the control knob on the front panel..PZA More features