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$ 30,736.81
 The Ray-On range was born from our desire to offer the StepArray range
DGRC* technology to a wider audience.
The Ray-On range builds on the key features of our high-end DSP speakers, such as directivity, while competing with conventional speakers.
passive speakers in terms of affordability. Like all Active Audio
products, intelligibility and ease of installation were priorities in the
design process.
A discreet and elegant column, Ray-On was designed to be mounted
vertically and does not require any inclination, allowing it to be mixed
even in the most elegant environments.
 The Ray-On range includes four column passive loudspeakers from 0.2 to 2 meters in height,
based on the patented DGRC principle. This innovation provides homogeneous sound coverage and perfect speech intelligibility throughout the entire audience area. Equals high-end directivity
control sound systems .PZA. more features