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$ 1,837.44

The Klipsch KG-100

It's packaged as a reference headset turned gaming headset, with the old backing clearly visible on the box, but somewhat overshadowed by a graphic showing the headset's compatibility with PC, XBOX ONE, and PS4 gaming platforms.

Inside this box is a serious headset, a detachable boom mic, and two sets of cables, one with a stereo and mic input on a single plug for use with mobile sources (or for direct listening, where there's no mic). needed). There's also an audio cable with a split input for sound and microphone, so you can plug it into your PC and play.

The headset is compatible with other platforms, but you may need an adapter to fix input issues for different consoles.

The KG-100 itself features thick, padded ear cups that clamp around your ears and block out just about everything around you. The headband, despite being slim, is still comfortable and doesn't seem to put too much pressure on the top of the head.

The sound is quite clear, with a low end that can border on intense. For gamers, it's great for explosions or the roar of a shotgun when a zombie's head falls apart. But for listening tastes, it will definitely benefit even the most demanding bassist.

The mids and highs still retain a decent level of clarity, although they clearly play second fiddle to that low end. There may be a slight compression to the sound, but it's not completely unbearable. For a gaming headset at such a low price, the sound is still pretty good. And as a headset that can double as a reference phone, that slightly compressed sound won't ruin the experience for you.PZA More Features