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$ 8,150.19
Color: N/A
The LCD-2 Classic in all-black design is the right choice for lovers of bombastic sound. For rock ballads to heavy metal, but also for classical music with a penchant for drama, the LCD-2 Classic is ideally suited. The sound unfolds with a lot of spatiality and creates intensity. The LCD-2 Classic sounds pleasantly warm and impresses with a great richness of timbre. The bass is particularly remarkable: neither too harsh nor thunderous, but just right, beautifully rich and dynamically propulsive. Even the very low frequencies sound very clear and controlled. All in all, the LCD-2 Classic delivers a sound that never tires or bores, but provides plenty of substance and dynamics for an exciting listening experience. The housing is made of glass-covered nylon plastic with metal grille covers. For comfortable wear, the LCD-2 Classic has been equipped with a particularly comfortable lightweight headband. Like all Audeze headphones, the LCD-2 Classic is manufactured at the Audeze factory in California.Más característicasMás características