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$ 14,281.92


This wireless subwoofer adds deep, powerful bass to any HEOS device for unbeatable sound quality. It is compatible with any room and any configuration. Liven up your world with movies and music, wirelessly. The HEOS Subwoofer adds thumping bass to all your sound. With its powerful amplification and optimized speakers, it is compatible with the entire HEOS range: HEOS speakers, HEOS Bar, HEOS AVR, HEOS Amp and HEOS Link.

Setting up and operating the HEOS Subwoofer is a matter of minutes. Just connect it to your home network and the HEOS device of your choice to fill your world with amazing bass. And you will be able to control all the sound with the app. It's that simple.

Pair the HEOS Subwoofer with the HEOS device of your choice and get powerful sound throughout your home. Stream different music to each room or the same music to all rooms. And keep all the control at your fingertips thanks to the intuitive HEOS app.

Like a good HEOS, the HEOS Subwoofer stands out for its exclusive design and elegant matte black finish. Thanks to its wireless connectivity, you can place it anywhere in the room, both vertically and horizontally. And if you don't want it to be seen, you can hide it under the sofa and enjoy its power. The combination of two custom-built 13.3-centimeter speakers and sophisticated Class D amplification ensures crisp, clear and punchy bass. Exclusive DSP algorithms offer optimized low-frequency response throughout the entire dynamic range. The HEOS app includes advanced settings for different settings, such as a dialogue optimizer and a night mode, which are integrated into the HEOS Bar. When used together, the HEOS Subwoofer adapts the settings. PZA.more features