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EVO3 Initial (1.5m)

$ 2,339.42
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EVO3 Initial (1.5m)

EVO3 Initium is IsoTek's new entry level power cord designed to deliver high quality performance at an extremely fair price. Initium is a must have for replacing all your free standard black plastic power cords that have been priced to fall short of quality. CONSTRUCTION: Drivers are in a parallel construction with a slight swivel twist. This established technique remains the first line of defense against RFI and EMI rejection. Conductors: 99.9999% OFC conductors offer an exceptional level of purity with enhanced conductivity. They are less likely to break or degrade over time. Dielectric: PE dielectric (insulation) is chemically inert and has a very low dielectric constant over a wide frequency range. PE has a very high degree of resistance to stress cracking and a low coefficient of friction, making it an exceptional dielectric. PE is a good option for safety in both temperature and electrical insulation.

From a technical point of view, this is a very advanced product that benefits from the recognized advantages of the exclusive IsoTek Polaris circuit, which in this case has been recalibrated to offer a highly effective solution at a very competitive price. The result is a power strip that significantly “cleans up” the alternating signal from the mains. It supports a total of 5 components and a maximum power of 2,300 W, while providing high-level protection against current spikes -up to 13,500 amps- and discharges. Internally, it is important to highlight the EVO3 Venus that its main line of action is oriented towards the suppression (through sophisticated filtering techniques such as the exclusive IsoTek Delta topology) of the noise coming from the electrical network, and, in addition, both the in common mode as well as in differential mode, in order to carry out a really perceptible reduction of the parasites present in it. On the other hand, the use of fully independent power outlets prevents cross contamination between them and therefore the alternating signal that feeds a network music player, for example, is completely isolated from the one that feeds a phono preamp, which handles much more delicate signals. Also the construction of the EVO3 Venus is of a very high standard, with internal wiring with copper conductors free of oxygen ions, silver plated and PTFE dielectric. As in any well-thought-out combination, the use of EVO3 Initium cables in each component and their connection to the EVO3 Venus aims to achieve what is sought in any assembly: that the whole exceeds the sum of the parts.PZA. more features