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$ 7,233.80
The CELO series is AUDAC's first series of high-end slim ceiling loudspeakers, consisting of four models that can ensure an optimal experience for every situation and application. The CELO6 is the medium 6” model in this series. Due to their slim grille design with a very thin edge of just 1mm and a limited grille depth that protrudes from the ceiling surface by just 3.2mm, these speakers will become nearly invisible when mounted. To further blend in, the grille can be painted the same color as the surrounding surface or an optional black grille (GLC06/B) will provide seamless integration in dark environments. This sleek and unobtrusive grill is held in place by powerful neodymium magnets, making mounting and removal a breeze, yet reliable enough to keep the grill in place for the life of the speaker. When the grill is removed, it is clear to anyone to see that CELO speakers are made from the highest quality materials, ensuring a sound experience that is second to none. A 1” aluminum cone tweeter is held in place by an acoustically optimized arm in front of a 6” aluminum cone woofer. Together with the crossover network which is made from high-quality components, this results in natural sound reproduction for warm, detailed sound with 60 watts RMS power. To ensure lifetime stability, secure mounting and easy installation, the speaker connection is made using gold plated spring clamp connectors. The speaker is mounted in the ceiling using a quick fix mechanism that can be tightened with four screws and the front grill is held in place with neodymium magnets..PZA More features