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Beolab 28 SPEAKER

$ 515,504.00
Bring your touch at every moment Create a purely personal moment with Beolab 28's adaptable directional sound. For a one-on-one session with your favorite artists, you can close the wooden covers to create the ultimate listening position. And, if you want to enjoy a movie night or an evening with friends, open the covers to fill the room with a sound that will captivate all present. Bass that amazes Beolab 28 makes the most of the environment in which it is located by adjusting its lower frequencies using Active Room Compensation technology so that the bass is up to scratch in any circumstance. They adapt to the environment whatever it is to make each room a record studio or a movie theater. No corner or location resists it. Simply perfect music every time. Expand your experience In the mood for a movie session? Place this pair of speakers in front of you, to immerse yourself in an expansive stereoscape, or in the back, for surround sound that will make you shudder. They even work in sync with other Bang & Olufsen speakers and TVs. The magic of Beolab 28 puts you in the middle of the action. A long lineage of design Beolab 28 saw the light of day at our Factory 5 facility in Denmark. Each piece of aluminum is worked to perfection by metal experts. Each speaker is wrapped in a wonderfully tactile fabric designed for the highest acoustic performance. The final touch is provided by the oak that we receive from suppliers that have been collaborating with us for decades. Nearly a decade of experience is encapsulated in the craftsmanship of this product, so you can enjoy it for years to come. A flawless addition to your home Beolab 28 is the definition of elegance with versatility. Fitting equally well on the wall or on the floor, her slender figure adds a touch of sculptural beauty and stunning cinematic sound from any corner of the room..PZA More Features