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$ 7,752.85

The ARU208

It is specially designed with flexibility and functionality in mind. Various ways of switching the 8 relays are provided, including the integrated web interface, optional public address consoles and analog contact activation, making the ARU208 AUDAC the most intelligent and innovative relay modules. Switching between audio sources, signal routing, and even custom automation settings can be achieved with this nifty device. Bipolar relays allow switching balanced mono signals and unbalanced stereo signals. Normally open and normally closed contacts are also provided. A wide variety of signals can be switched, ranging from line level audio signals to powered speaker signals (low impedance or 100V) and voltage distribution (low voltage to 240V AC mains voltage distribution). Possibility of triggering relays through dry contact inputs, which can be used to trigger relays through external devices or actuators. Dry contact priority over digital functions/triggers. Typical applications are activations by external buttons, switches or alarm contacts. Due to its modular nature, the ARU208 is perfectly suited for small home or retail applications, as well as large installations. The integration of numerous ARU20x units in one system is possible thanks to RS485 which allows daisy chaining of several units. The ARU208 features an RS485 input and output connector, allowing for even more convenient connections. The TCP/IP control possibilities allow the integration of the ARU20x into any ethernet network. The embedded web browser running an HTML5 interface allows for the most flexible and comprehensive operation, while the freely available command set enables integration with any TCP/IP-based automation or control system. The front of the black ABS housing provides a brief overview of its connection possibilities, while the rear is equipped with a spring-loaded mounting mechanism that allows easy mounting on widely available standard DIN rails. In this way it is possible to easily integrate it into any electrical cabinet where it can be powered by the optional power supply PSD24x.PZA More features