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$ 5,333.58


It is a 2-way active speaker system consisting of an active and a passive unit that connect together. It offers an easy and flexible solution for a wide variety of applications. The 2-way speaker is carefully constructed with high-quality components resulting in a 5 ¼” woofer and ½” high-frequency tweeter. This craftsmanship in combination with an onboard DSP is creating an extremely clear and powerful sound experience for a wide range of applications. The integrated amplifier can deliver 2 x 40 watts of power and includes a stereo line input that is implemented balanced and unbalanced, allowing convenient connection to any type of audio source. Unbalanced audio sources connect via a 3.5mm jack plug, while balanced sources can be connected to the terminal block input connection, allowing long signals without interference. A volume potentiometer allows the user to adjust the volume level, while the two-band tone control allows for treble and bass equalization. Auto standby mode reduces power consumption when no input signal is detected. The active speaker includes a stereo amplifier module, which also delivers the input signal to the passive unit. A specially designed support system allows the installation of the speakers close to the wall, while the structure of the recessed support ensures an optimal aesthetic appearance of the system. The ARES5A can be mounted both horizontally and vertically with a tilt of up to 45° on both sides, allowing the speaker to be positioned in the correct direction. Due to the fact that the bracket itself consists of 2 45° corners, installation in corners or even on the ceiling can be easily carried out. The optional MBK455 Angle Mount Bracket Kit allows for an additional 90° tilt when required. To ensure optimal safety during and after installation, the ARES is equipped with an M6 fall arrester. A remote input connection implemented via an RJ45 connector allows for wall panel connections, allowing for system expansion via remote input modules. A variety of optional remote entry units are available with different input possibilities.


Elegant design

The solution design is guaranteed to streamline with the rest of AUDAC's product portfolio. Through its ABS cabinet and by ensuring that the mounting bracket is aesthetically integrated into the cabinet itself, the ARES gives you a sleeker and more modern outlook than other solutions on the market.


Install at any angle

The standard included bracket system allows installation close to the wall with an inclination of up to 45° and can even be installed in corners. The optional MBK455 Angle Mount Bracket Kit allows for an additional 90° tilt when required.


a whole ecosystem

The optional WP2xx series not only offers great control over the ARES5A, but also allows us to greatly expand our inputs. Ease of use goes even beyond controlling a single ARES set, as one wall panel allows you to control and share inputs on up to four ARES sets and quickly change input and/or volume. PZA More features