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BeoPlay A9 Black/Black Walnut

$ 80,365.03
With Beoplay A9 what he wanted was to create a timeless classic that is beautiful to look at from every angle and at all times. Beoplay A9's design is inspired by sound and music. Its circular formula obeys the fact that sound travels in circular waves. Beoplay A9 is made up of very few elements, used as much as possible and made from the best materials: high quality wood, plastic and aluminum, as well as very good fabricBeoplay A9 fills any room with the richness of Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound nuances. , thanks to its powerful 480-watt digital amplifier system. Its integrated room adaptation perfectly adjusts the sound to your environment, so you can enjoy your music the way the artists intended. No more hiding your stereo. We have designed the Beoplay A9 as a decorative element of great beauty, with a careful selection of materials and a special attention to detail that does not compromise. The result is an iconic piece of musical design that you can display anywhere. The A9 model always gives you the perfect sound, under any circumstance. Bass, highs and mid tones are never too strong or too low. Wherever you place it, it always gives you the best sound quality. No clouding. No fanfare. Pure and clear sound. As the artist intended. When the A9 model rings, it fills the entire room. Its power rivals much larger speakers, and it's perfect for small and large spaces alike. Do you want an immersive sound experience? Easily connect the A9 with other speakers and let the music flow throughout the house. PZA More features