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Sound Level AL2

$ 42,082.48

portable wifi speaker

Level follows you wherever you go. All the power, portability and connectivity, where you need it most. Standing or lying down, your favorite songs will always be with you.

Music in any room? Take it with you.

Bedside tables, desks, shelves: the Beosound Level fits everywhere. With its impeccable appearance and unbeatable sound, it connects seamlessly to Wi-Fi and is portable. The battery life is rated at 16 hours, so it won't let you down if you have a long day ahead of you. Fancy listening to music in the kitchen? It is splash resistant. Synchronize it, and take it wherever you want.

You know your place

Smart to work anywhere. Elegant to integrate into any space. The Level adapts its playback based on speaker position and surroundings, delivering high-quality sound no matter how you use it—vertically, horizontally, or wall-mounted. Nothing stands between you and the music anymore.

when the sound grows

Stand the Level upright and experience a wide soundscape in stereo. In your office, in the living room or anywhere, you will enjoy music and its nuances in depth. The most exceptional sound in the most exceptional speaker.

Enjoy simple and elegant charging thanks to its sophisticated circular connector. It attaches via magnet to a recess on the back of the speaker for an experience that is in itself extremely satisfying.Interact with Beosound Level via discrete soft-touch buttons seamlessly integrated into the aluminum frame. Thanks to the integrated proximity sensor, the control surface appears only when needed and smoothly dims after use. A light sensor ensures precise lighting at all times.Be more productive and enjoy music at home with just your voice thanks to Beosound Level's integration with the Google Assistant. Play your favorite music, control the volume and get information about the song you're listening to without having to use your hands. You can also plan your day, set alarms, and control your smart home devices with just your voice. If you want some privacy, just slide the button at the top of the Beosound Level to turn off voice control completely.PZA. more features