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S1 Pro System Without battery 787930-1120

$ 19,062.28
Designed to play high-SPL foreground music or provide reinforcement coverage, ArenaMatch Utility loudspeakers from Bose feature a similar tonal balance as ArenaMatch array modules, but in compact designs. These have the same EMB2S compression drivers as the ArenaMatch arrays, ensuring consistent sound, and the same IP55 weather-resistance rating. You can deploy them to provide booster coverage in sports stadiums, arenas, outdoor entertainment centers, and more. You can also use them to deliver high-level, intelligible sound to any outdoor area, from specific venues like beer halls and fairgrounds to larger venues like shopping malls and resorts. The AMU206 is a small model of the ArenaMatch Utility designed for outdoor applications that require excellent audio from a compact speaker. Provides wide, even coverage with a 120° x 60° constant directivity high-frequency horn, 80Hz - 16kHz frequency response, 122dB peak SPL, and reproduces the lowest ranges of vocals with 2x LF6 woofers. 203mm (6.5 inches) from Bose. Deploy them as a booster to support ArenaMatch array systems, delivering powerful, intelligible sound while ensuring consistent tonal balance with EMB2S compression drivers in each speaker Use them to play loud foreground music in any outdoor area Safely install the speakers outdoors with an IP55 weather rating, 3-layer stainless steel grilles, a waterproof coating on the woofer cone, an industrial polyurethane outer coating, and a molded cover to protect the tickets Support for a variety of configurations – all models come in a standard format with 70/100V transformer inputs and a passive crossover with optimized filters for each transducer for more consistent frequency and polar response Streamline the design process by combining with complementary Bose Professional products such as PowerMatch amplifiers and ControlSpace DSPs Easily mount with the included stainless steel U-bracket. Back case panel also includes M8 threaded inserts compatible with 3rd party accessory mounting brackets Provide wide, even coverage with a 120° x 60° constant directivity high-frequency horn, which can be rotated for horizontal or vertical placement Deliver great performance in even the most demanding applications with an 80Hz - 16kHz frequency response and 122dB peak SPL Reproduce the lowest ranges of vocals using two 165mm (6.5-inch) LF6 woofers from Bose that feature a long-excursion voice coil, extending response to 80Hz .PZA MORE SPECS