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$ 36,405.28


is an 8x8 audio processor designed for public address applications
and to improve speech intelligibility. The idea that culminated in NUT is based on a simple observation, namely that most commercially available audio processors are over-engineered and under-utilized due to their steep learning curve.
The NUT project was driven by our ambition to offer our customers an audio processor that is intuitive and totally easy to use. Solutions needed to feature innovative design and address the issues of ensuring clear and intelligible speech in acoustically challenging environments. NUT is a turnkey solution that focuses on what really matters to our clients. It offers a wide range of ready-to-use applications that can be run,
adjust and control via a web browser.
These apps feature all the settings you could ever need, including volume, equalizer, compressor, delay, feedback eliminator, and router. Users will also find exclusive Active Audio features such as StepArray directivity control (except NUT Lite), our Automix and the already famous Speech Conformar.PZA. more features