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KLHF00061-Stratton 10

by KLH
$ 7,942.33

Stratton 10

The Stratton Street 10-Inch Subwoofer is a commanding name for a commanding presence. Like its big brother, the Stratton 10, this subwoofer with its proprietary composition of polyglass, treated paper, Kevlar, CSX, and fiberglass coated woofer, and a 200-watt amplifier with 400 watts of peak power, the subwoofer 10-inch Stratton Enhance your music and movies in a smaller footprint that takes up the entire space. For impressive bass and power, this beautiful subwoofer will bring a soulful bottom end to your system. KLH home audio, JMI Audio online store for all of Mexico, we are an authorized distributor of KLH, vintage speakers, exterior, for ceiling, for wall, subwoofers, tower, shelf, FX, purchase safely payments via paypal, national guarantee, Shipping to all of Mexico, best offers 2022, buy online or visit our showroom, equipment in demonstration, supplier of the best audio brands Hi-fi sound, Hi-End, Home cinema, Home audio, home theater, turntable, DAC, streamer, CD player, preamp.

  • Frequency response: 29Hz-160Hz
  • Maximum output: 114dB
  • Class "D" digital amplifier: 200 W rms / 400 W dynamic power
  • Components: 12″ driver, proprietary blend of treated paper, Kevlar® and CSX
  • Box Material: ¾” MDF
  • Cabinet Type: Back Slot Ported Bass Reflex
  • Inputs: Gold-plated RCA Jack Line / LFE
  • Dimensions: 15.3″H x 12.8″W x 15.2″D
  • Finish: Carbon Black
  • Features: Volume, Low Pass, Phase, Trigger...PZA More features