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$ 17,521.80

integrated amplifier GIA-275 Series II

Integrated stereo DAC/amplifier with analog, digital, USB and Bluetooth input. Digital to analog converter. The GIA-275 is a compact, integrated, high-performance system designed to let you play music from your Bluetooth-enabled portable devices, stream 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution audio from your Apple MAC or Windows systems, connect your flat screen through a digital connection or use your legacy analog devices, such as a CD player. The GIA-275 is fully compatible with Bluetooth V4, A2DP and aptX to produce CD-quality sound over a wireless connection. The integrated amplifier is the new generation amplifier, which combines amplifier and preamplifier in one. The sound quality of our GIA-275 is remarkable. You'll get great sound quality in a small package. Light but heavy power is what we are dealing with here. The GIA-275 has a very high-quality converter, which can convert your high-resolution digital recording into high-quality 24-bit/192kHz sound, through your speakers.


We opted to go wireless with a Bluetooth connection. Play music from your phone, tablet, laptop, etc., with hassle-free installation.
Connect your device with GIA-275 via Bluetooth and enjoy music at the click of a button. In case you want to connect your speakers,
we have a provision to add your auxiliary to our integrated amplifier. You can also play high-resolution files from your computer
downloading them to a USB, as this integrated amplifier has a USB slot that can play all high resolution digital files through your USB
connected to the speakers or via Bluetooth on any device .PZA More features