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$ 22,017.96

GFP-915 Wide Bandwidth Stereo Preamplifier

GFP-915 Wideband Stereo Preamplifier. Two-channel audio is better than ever! The new DVD Audio and SACD formats can support a wider frequency spectrum (100 kHz) and greater dynamic range (144 dB) than conventional CDs. The GFP-915 is designed to capture all the fidelity that High-Resolution Audio has to offer, with precision wideband components and ultra-low noise. Equipped with a processor loop, tape loop, and phono stage, this new ADCOM preamp hasn't forgotten its legacy components. Try the GFP-915 combined with an ADCOM power amplifier and CD/DVD player and rediscover the magic of two channels.

Phono connectivity

Adcom's GFP-915 preamplifier featured a built-in decoder for playing discs made with the CX noise reduction encoding process, and separate input selectors for simultaneous listening and recording from different program sources. Following in that vein, our engineers have developed a new phono stage that accommodates the resurgence of vinyl records with accessible MM and MC configurations.


The entire unit is housed in a beautiful polished stainless steel chassis.
that not only complements the knobs,
but also the decoration of your room. Take home the GFP-915 preamplifier
to achieve the desired listening experience. .PZA More features