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$ 83,729.96
The GFA-5705 amplifier can drive a wide range of speakers, including those with very low impedances, at sustained high power levels, even when the impedances are highly reactive. Great care was taken to ensure that distortion in the amp it would remain extremely low. The GFA-5705's power supply has a huge reserve with an extremely large transformer powering a 30,000 uF per channel storage bank and a total of 150,000 uF of filter capacitance. The transformer itself was designed for extremely good regulation, ensuring stable voltages regardless of the power demands of the amplifier. Its higher efficiency was ensured by the use of a toroidal design. ADCOM has taken great care to ensure that your amplifier is as flawless as in appearance as it is electronically. The front panel is heavy gauge, High quality aluminum extrusion carefully finished and anodized for durability. The chassis, top cover, and rear panel are heavy-gauge steel, both painted and baked. If the front panel, top, or sides become dusty or have fingerprints on it, can be cleaned with a swifter and/or a clean, soft, lint-free microfiber cloth, slightly moistened with a very mild detergent solution or ammonia-free glass cleaner..PZA More features