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$ 2,698.87


It is a series of outstanding loudspeakers specially designed for indoor fixed installation applications, ranging from modern residential applications to the most demanding design applications in environments such as retail stores, pubs, restaurants or even clubs. The ATEO4 is the 4” version with a 1” dome tweeter and 4” low/mid frequency driver, ensuring true-to-nature, high-fidelity reproduction of music and speech. It features a sleek looking and impressively designed ABS casing that is packed with high-quality components. What makes this range of loudspeakers so exceptional is the specially designed mounting bracket that uses Clevermount™ technology, which makes the speaker cabinet flow together with the mounting bracket, providing great ease of installing the loudspeaker. into an attractive entity. The ATEO4MK2 is an improved version of its predecessor where we have been able to improve the sound quality by implementing a new crossover. Mounting and connecting the speaker is simply accomplished by placing the included metal wall plate in the desired location. Once assembled, the wires must be connected to the desired terminal on the custom connection block. The desired current tap for 70V/100 volts or 8 ohms can be selected by choosing the correct terminal. Once that's done, just five seconds of work remains to secure the speaker to the wall plate, tighten the security screw, and you're ready to rock! In this way, it is really child's play to install a large number of speakers in a very short time. Even if you're working alone while people are looking at your fingers or when you're setting up your speakers high up when you're standing on a ladder. All ATEO series loudspeakers are available in black (/B) or white (/W).


Free tilting in all directions

Thanks to the Clevermount™ innovation, the speaker can be positioned in any horizontal or vertical direction with a simple turn of an Allen key. This makes the speaker infinitely tiltable in all directions.


Ceiling mounting possibilities

The optional WMA tilt bracket adds an additional 30° to the existing tilt angle of the ATEO loudspeakers. This opens up the possibility of placing the speaker horizontally or vertically at an angle of up to 60° and ensuring a perfect sound experience.


adaptive wall mount

Speaker connection is simply made by placing the included wall plate in the desired location and wiring the wires to this wall plate. Clevermount™ innovation ensures the installer has both hands free to slide the speaker cabinet onto the bracket. PZA More features