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SoundLink Revolve II 120V Negro 858365-0100

Sold out
$ 5,680.75
COLOR: Black

Bose Portable Smart Speaker


Like our SoundLink Revolve and Revolve+ speakers, the Bose Portable Smart Speaker is designed to deliver clear sound in all directions, but it's also designed to pack richer sound, with deeper bass and more power. Put the speaker at the center of the party so everyone can enjoy the same experience. Or place it in the corner of the room and the sound will feel like it's all around you.

simple transmission

Play popular music services like Spotify, Amazon Music and YouTube Music Premium on your Portable Smart Speaker anywhere you have access to Wi-Fi thanks to Chromecast built-in, Wi-Fi® enabled and Apple AirPlay compatible 2 and Spotify Connect. Anywhere else, you can use Bluetooth to listen to whatever your mobile devices can play. Apple users can use AirPlay 2 to play audio from their mobile devices. Music services may vary.

Simple setup and full control

Download the free Bose Music app for step-by-step instructions on how to set up the speaker. Use the app to easily browse all your music in one place, seamlessly switch between stations, playlists and services, and keep your speaker's software up to date. The Bose Music app also lets you pair the Bose Portable Smart Speaker with any Bose smart speaker or soundbar you own for a seamless audio experience throughout your home. Play different songs in different rooms or one song in each room at the same time, and have everyone sing along.

Use them all together for an even better experience.

The Bose Portable Smart Speaker is part of the new Bose family of smart speakers, which includes the Home Speaker 300 and Smart Speaker 500 speakers, and the Soundbar 500 and Smart Soundbar 700 soundbars. Start with one device and add more anywhere. moment. Because nothing makes a home feel more welcoming than every room immersed in amazing Bose sound.


Do you want to listen to the same music in different rooms at the same time? You can always group two or more Bose Home Speakers, and now, with Bose SimpleSync™ technology, you can also group a Bose Smart Speaker with a Bose SoundLink Bluetooth speaker and play music on them in perfect sync.PZA More features